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Find the answers to a variety of Frequently Asked Questions and a selection of how-to guides below.

Consult with your instructor if you are unable to find an answer or if what you see in your class site does not match what is described here.

Email if you feel you have encountered a serious technical issue.

Browse the resources available through Brock’s Learning Services for support beyond Brightspace and educational technology tools.


Getting started in D2L Brightspace

What is Brightspace?

Where do I find Brightspace?

How do I login and out?

How do I change my password?

How do I customize my user profile, pronouns, and picture?

How can I adjust the font, reading and video settings?

How do I customize the notifications I receive?

How do I view my Calendar?

Is there an ideal web browser and hardware device for using Brightspace?

What are the minimum system requirements?

Content and lesson material

Where do I find lessons, course materials, and readings?

Can I download my syllabus or any other document from Content?

Can I bookmark a Content item?


How do I submit an assignment?

How do I submit a video assignment?

How do I submit a group assignment?

Can I re-submit an assignment?

Can I delete an assignment submission?

Are all of my submissions kept if I am allowed multiple submissions?

How do I know if I submitted my work successfully?

How do I view assignment feedback?


How do I view my grades? 

Where can I see feedback for my assignments and quizzes?

Why can’t I see my grades?  

Why do some of my grades say 'dropped'? 


How do I contact my instructor?

How do I interact with my instructor and other learners?

Can I send a message or email within Brightspace?

Mobile App (Pulse)

How do I get the mobile app?

Brightspace “Pulse” User Guide

What can I do in the mobile app?  

How do I get notifications for course updates (e.g. announcements, new content, upcoming deadlines) sent to my phone?  

Can I subscribe to my Brightspace calendar? 

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