Add personalized questions to my Student Course Experience Survey

Include up to five likert-style or open-response questions in your Student Course Experience Survey to gather feedback about elements of your course’s design that are emergent or that are not addressed by the questions already present in the survey form.

You cannot add personalized questions once a survey has opened for student feedback.

Personalized questions will appear at the end of the survey and will not replace questions that are already present.

Select Add personalized questions

Select the Add personalized questions option associated with the course section to which you’d like to add questions.

This option will display as Expired once the survey for the course section has become available to students for feedback. If your course includes multiple sections, take this step for each section to which you’d like to add personalized questions.

Enter the personalized questions

Click Expand all

To enter personalized Likert-style rating questions, click the Expand all option within the Create custom-worded rating questions area. To enter personalized open-ended questions, click the Show Section option within the Create custom-worded open-ended questions area.

Click Customize

Enter the question text

  1. Enter the question text within the Question field.

  2. Click the close icon.

Ensure that the new question is set to Included

After entering a personalized question, ensure that the Included status is selected.

Submit the personalized questions

Click Submit to add the personalized questions to the Student Course Experience Survey of your course section.

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