Crowdmark is an online tool integrated into Brock’s Brightspace for the Faculty of Math and Science to facilitate administering, collecting, and grading handwritten assessments.

What is Crowdmark?

Crowdmark is an online tool focused on making the grading process more effective and and time efficient. This tool is geared towards administering and grading assessments that are easier for students to write by hand than to type in a textbox (i.e. drawing a diagram, completing an equation, etc.).

Crowdmark carefully considers logistical concerns of grading assessments that rely on multiple team members offering a variety of skills and expertise. It aims to make the process of divvying up grading work between members less cumbersome, and offers options for instructors and students to give and receive feedback on handwritten submissions.


Accessing Crowdmark

Those in Brock University’s Faculty of Math and Science can now access Crowdmark at or by visiting the Crowdmark website and selecting the Sign In button (top right) and follow the prompts.

On Brightspace, Instructors can access Crowdmark directly through the Content page.


  1. Select Content > Select the relevant Unit where you want to add Crowdmark

  2. Select Add Existing > External Tool > Locate Crowdmark from the list

  3. Once added click to open Crowdmark and follow the prompts to the activate course site

Crowdmark Help Resources

Resources for Instructors

For more support on Crowdmark please visit:

Resources for Students

For more support on Crowdmark please visit:



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