H5P Studio via eCampusOntario

H5P Studio is an Open Educational Resource (OER) creation tool from eCampusOntario. It is free to use for Brock faculty and staff, and offers many different ways to create resources and activities that can be embedded or linked to in Brightspace and other online platforms.

Accessing the H5P Studio

Select the eCampus H5P Studio link to navigate to the catalogue.

Making use of the Catalogue

Users can search the catalogue for various activities/resources that have been made public by other users. Keeping in mind the licensing associated with the various resources.

Registering to the H5P Studio

Instructors can register for the H5P Studio to be able to create their own H5P resources.

In the top-right of the catalogue, select the Register link to create an account.

eCampusOntario H5P Studio site with Register link outlined in the top-right

Be sure to use your Brock University email. Upon creating an account, users will be taken to their Dashboard.

Getting Started

eCampusOntario offers a New User Guide to using the H5P studio.

CPI would also be happy to provide a quick tutorial or answer any questions instructors may have regarding the use of the H5P studio. Please reach out to cpi@brocku.ca for more information.

Adding H5P Objects to Brightspace

The best way to integrate H5P into Brightspace is to embed into an HTML page in the Content area.

  1. Acquire the embed code from the H5P object. The Embed button is located at the bottom of the object.

  2. Create a new HTML page, or edit an existing one.

  3. Select Insert Stuff on the text editor, select insert embed code, then paste the embed code from the H5P object.

H5P objects embedded in Brock’s Brightspace do not allow for user tracking, so instructors will not know what the students select during the H5P activities. They are best used for self-reflection/knowledge checks.

While there are some institutions who may have integrations that allow pass back to the gradebook, Brock does not have this, so H5P objects are best used for formative feedback.

Preserving H5P Objects

If instructors come across H5P objects they wish to use, it is recommended that they download the objects as back ups and/or upload them to the ecampusontario h5p studio to ensure long term sustainability of the links.


Please contact CPI at edtech@brocku.ca with any questions or comments about the contents of this site.