Padlet is a collaborative media-focused tool which gives instructors the ability to create spaces to share resources and facilitate discussion.

Similar to a virtual bulletin board, Padlet offers a visually-pleasing and user-friendly way to share links, images, videos, and comments asynchronously.

padlet example titled Sharing at CPI Team Meeting - Black History Month. Shows articles and other media celebrating black voices
Example Padlet

Is Padlet Free?

Padlet does offer a free subscription for their service, which includes the ability to create 3 separate Padlets. Students would have to sign up, preferably using their Brock emails, to create an account using this method. No other information is required to sign up.

To create an account, select Sign up for Padlet

Brock University does not have an institutional license, however, there are additional paid subscriptions which offer various improvements. More information can be found at Padlet Subscriptions.

Using Padlet

Basic use-cases for Padlet include:

Demonstrative resource - A padlet can be used as a space for students to find and share media that demonstrates their learning on a particular topic from class or discussion. Padlet’s ability to add comments and descriptions to media gives students the chance to explain the reasoning behind their choices, and expand discussion among other students' artifacts.

Collective resource - Students can be instructed to retrieve materials and place them in a Padlet to be used as a collection of examples. This can benefit students who may wish to learn more about a particular topic, or for studying purposes. It also puts the responsibility on the student to contribute to their overall class learning.

Discussion resource - Instructors who wish to have media-focused discussions with their students may find that Padlet’s focus on visuals and user experience can provide an easy space to host such conversations. Commenting, descriptions, rating, and more are all available on Padlet.

Questions about Padlet?

If you have any questions about Padlet and how to best make use of it, please feel free to reach out to the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation at

Alternatively, Padlet also offers an extensive library of help articles to peruse for particular technical or organizational questions.


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