Embed YuJa videos in Brightspace

Adding or updating videos and lecture recordings in Brightspace can be done directly in Content or by bulk uploading to the YuJa Media Library and then generating embed links through Brightspace.

The most straightforward workflow likely involves creating Content items and embedding videos directly into Brightspace HTML/text pages. Adding video in this way will facilitate both uploading, embedding, and automatic caption generation. These videos will then appear in the Media Library.

Embed YuJa videos with the HTML/text editor and Insert Stuff

  1. Open a text editor in the Brightspace location where the YuJa video will be embedded. This will likely be an HTML/text document in the Content area, although the same options are available in other places like an Assignment description or an Announcement.

  2. Select Insert Stuff and then YuJa Media Chooser.

    The Insert Stuff button in the text editor.
  3. The YuJa Media Chooser pop-up window will provide options to choose a video from the YuJa Media Library or to upload something new.

  4. Search for or select the video to be embedded, then click Insert Content in the bottom-right.

    Yuja Media Chooser with video called Test Audio and Insert Content button highlighted
    Search or select the video to be embedded, then click Insert Content.
  5. The next screen will display a preview of the video, which may still be processing if recently uploaded. At this point, the Next button in the bottom left has become Insert, click it to embed the video.

  6. Once inserted, the embedded YuJa video will appear and can be played directly in the Content area.

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