Add someone to specific Sections

An instructor can modify Section enrollment for site members, although official roster changes (e.g. when a student switches seminars) will be automatically synced and an instructor need not make such adjustments.

Certain site members, such as Teaching Assistants, may need to have membership with multiple specific Sections. The process of adding a TA to a site and assigning them to specific Sections is achieved through a combination of the following steps.

Sections are created automatically based off of official enrolment information and refer specifically to the subsections within a course (LAB, SEM, TUT, etc.). This is different from the “S01” designation in the course code. All subsections are automatically added as part of a course site during creation. 

Course sites can be merged to bring multiple sections taught by the same instructor together into one site. Sections will remain separate entities with their own students, and most tools, (e.g. Classlist) can be filtered to display the different Section rosters.

Add a user to a single Section

1. Navigate to Classlist

Go to the Classlist tool. You can access this through the course navigation bar or through Course Admin.

Screenshot of the course navigation bar located at the top of a Brightspace site, with the Classlist tool highlighted.
Click on the Classlist tab in the course navigation bar.

2. Select Add Participants → Add Existing Users

Select the blue Add Participants button and then Add existing users from the drop-down menu.

Screenshot of the Classlist tool, highlighting the Add Participants button and the Add existing users option
Classlist → Add Participants → Add existing users.

3. Search for the user to be added

Type the name, username, or email address of the person to be added to the course in the Search For… field.

4. Assign the user a Role and Section

Locate the user in the results list and be sure to check the box to the left of their name. Assign a role and roster association using the site drop down menus in the Role and Section columns. You must select a single Section at this stage.

5. Enroll Selected Users

Select the blue Enroll Selected Users button at bottom of the page to complete the process of adding a user to the course site.

6. Confirm enrollment

On the Confirmation of Enrollment page review the user account, role, and section and then select Done.


Add a user to multiple course Sections

The following steps will allow one to chose the specific Sections to which a user has access. To add a user to all course sections (e.g. lecture and all seminars/labs), follow the steps in Add a User to Your Site.

1. Complete the above Outlined Steps

Once you have added a user to one section of the course you can then navigate to Course Tools in the course navigation bar and select Course Admin.

2. Navigate to the Sections Tool

In Course Admin, under the Learning Management heading, select the Sections tool.

3. Select the Sections you want to enroll the user in

Click the box beside each of the sections you want to enroll the user in and then select Enroll Users at the top of the page.

4. Find the user in the list and the check the columns for the corresponding sections

Scroll to find the user you want to manage the enrollments for, and then vertically scroll to select the boxes for all of the sections you want the user to have access to. Once complete, select the Save button (vertical scrolling all the way to the left might be necessary to find the Save button again).


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