Local Administrators

Brightspace offers a Local Administrator role that provides increased access and permissions to individuals who require oversight of many Brightspace sites within a few Departments or Centres. Current use cases of this role include: collections librarians, coordinators of department-wide project sites, educational technology support staff, and individuals responsible for the standardization of course sites across a department.

How to request Brightspace Local Administrator access

First, reach out to us at cpi@brocku.ca to talk through your needs in Brightspace, if your current role can’t achieve your desired functionality we might recommend requesting Local Administrator access.

To request access complete the Learning Management System > Local Administrator section of the Security Access Request Form (SARF).

Note that SARF forms must be approved by the requestor’s managerial hierarchy, we recommend making your manager aware of this request before submitting the form.

What can I do as a Local Administrator?

The three most significant distinctions of a Local Administrator vs. faculty-staff role are:

  1. Access to all of the course sites within a department/faculty without being included in the https://cpibrock.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/BLEDOCU/pages/964263968(instead of just sites you are the instructor of record for, or another user has added you to).

  2. Ability to batch enrol users into a course site from a file (instead of individually).

  3. Access to the Org Unit Editor tool that displays all course sites within a department in one list, not just those you have been added to the https://cpibrock.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/BLEDOCU/pages/964263968 in.

Local Administrator Orientation

Once approved as a Local Administrator, CPI will offer a brief orientation session to get you acquainted with the role. Reach out to cpi@brocku.ca with any further questions.


Please contact CPI at edtech@brocku.ca with any questions or comments about the contents of this site.