User Settings and Customization

User customization menu. Found at the top right as a button labelled with the user's name. Expanding will reveal a list with the options Profile, Notifications and Account Settings

Users have a variety of ways of optimizing their Brightspace experience and how they receive notifications.

To access these settings begin by clicking on your name in the top right corner of Brightspace.


Edit your user profile by adding a photo, your hometown, a link to your website or any of your social media accounts (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).

Screenshot of the Edit My User Profile screen in Brightspace with options to add hometown, homepage, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
Profile > Edit My User Profile options



Customize user notifications received from Brightspace via email or SMS (if you have provided your mobile number). In addition to the list of tool-specific notifications the user can opt into a Summary of Activity for each of their courses which will compile some of the notifications from the below list into a summary (this will be in addition to the separate emails you receive from each tool if you choose to do so).

Customize Notifications gives the user two additional options: include your grade value (score) within the notifications from Grades, and allow upcoming courses to send notifications, meaning that if an announcement was posted in a course with a start date in the future you would still receive the notification from that course.

Exclude Some Courses gives the user the option to stop receiving notifications from specific course offerings. Click on Manage my course exclusions to search for and select a course offering that you are a member of to stop receiving notifications from said course.



Account Settings

Changes can be made to Pronouns, Font Settings, Reading Content, Video Settings, Locale & Language, Time Zone, Signing In, and Discussions.

A few important ones to note are:

  • Pronouns: users can add their pronouns which can be seen by other Brightspace users in your profile and through Classlist

  • Locale & Language: users can switch between a 12 and 24 hour clock based on their preferences

  • Time Zone: users can change the time zone to reflect their current location so as not having to convert all times displayed in Brightspace to match their local context





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