Department Sites

Non-academic (project) sites can be configured with department-specific rosters, so that all students within certain undergraduate student categories (year, concentration, etc.) are automatically enrolled. Sites like this are typically utilized as a space for undergraduate students to receive updates and view department-specific content beyond an email thread.

The enrollment of students into these sites is automatic, so any student associated with a department (based on official Brock records) will be automatically added to the subsequent department site.

Contact to request a department site. Consult the list of existing department sites to see whether or not something already exists for your department.

Existing Department Sites

If you wish to be added/make changes to a department site, please reach out to the department site’s contact.


Brightspace link



Brightspace link



SPMA Opportunities

Michael Fawkes


MLLC Students

Violetta Clitheroe


STAC Student Resources and Info

Erin Knight



Pina McDonnell


Geography and Tourism Studies

Samantha Morris


Sociology and Criminology Information

Lindsay Shaw


HLSC Information Hub

Mary Montgomery


VISA Board

Max Holten-Anderson


CHYS and CHYS BA/BEd Majors Site


COSC Majors

Dan Portanova



Cindy Rorke


BScN Student Information Hub

Jackie Bean


Psychology Majors

Kirsti Van Dorsser


Economics and Business Economics Majors

Indra Hardeen


FOE Academic Advising

Ethna Bernat

Making use of a Department Site

Below are some recommended tools and ideas for making the most of Department Site. Contact with any questions or concerns.


Announcements are best used to communicate pertinent or time-sensitive information to all students in a department. While Announcements do generate emails notifications by default, Notification settings are user-based and students may have disabled disable them.

See our detailed article Announcements to learn more about how to use Announcements.


The Content area can be used to post relevant department information for students. Events, opportunities, advisor contacts, and learning objectives are some examples of what can go in the Content area.

See the section on Content creation and management for full details.


The course site Homepage options that emphasize Content and Announcements may be more appropriate than the default home page (which includes things like the Instructor Profile widget) for sites like these.

Release Conditions

Each Department Site will contain at least two sections. One features all students in the entire department, while the others are separated by year (first year students, for example, are thus in both sections).

Just about anything created in a site (including Content items, Announcements, and Surveys) can be restricted to any of the component sections by use of Release Conditions.

Release Conditions are customizable if/then statements, which will make available certain content only to students who meet the criteria. For example, an Announcement could be created and shared only with first year students: the criteria would be “if the student is in the year one section then [send announcement, reveal content item, etc.]”

Consult the article on Release Conditions to learn more.

Due to varying enrollment processes, it is possible that some year one students will not end up in the year one specific section. Please keep this in mind when creating year one specific content/announcements.

Muting Notifications

Staff and instructors may wish to be added to their department site, however, they may not want the emails and announcements that come with being a member of the site. Fortunately, Brightspace users can mute certain sites, meaning they will not receive email notifications from that particular site.

Select the profile icon in the top-right of Brightspace, then select Notifications.

Brightspace profile highlighted, along with Notifications in drop-down menu

Scroll to the bottom of the Notifications area to find Exclude Some Courses. Select Manage Course Exclusions to add sites to the list.


Please contact CPI at with any questions or comments about the contents of this site.