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  • Medical Self-Declaration Form / Student Absence Self-Declaration Form

    This page contains information on the provision of Brock’s Student Medical Self-Declaration Form within Brightspace. While not required, students can be granted easy access to said form at the behest of an instructor. This guide will help create an in-Brightspace Assignment that facilitates and tracks this activity.

    The Self-Declaration Form is intended to replace the need for a medical note and supporting documentation from a health care provider when, in the case of a short-term medical, mental health, or other distressing personal circumstance, a student wishes to seek an academic consideration.

    Learn more about the Form and other services from Student Health Services (p: 905-688-5550 x3243).

    The Student Medical Self-Declaration Form is available online and can be downloaded or shared as a link. Students can submit a completed copy by email if it is not provided as part of a Brightspace Assignment.

    Create an Assignment that tracks Self-Declaration Form submissions

    Instructors can choose to download a prefabricated assignment package and import that into a course site, or to create an assignment themselves with the few necessary options. This Assignment will have the Form attached and can be used to track submissions over the duration of the course, and can be set to allow only a single submission.

    Download the Assignment package

    CPI has created a .zip file containing a pre-made assignment for the Self-Declaration Form with the necessary options and restrictions in place.

    1. Download the file directly:

    2. Import to a course site using the Import/Export/Copy Components tool.

    Create an Assignment

    Basic steps are listed below for instructors who wish to create an Assignment themselves. Full details are available in the Assignment article.

    1. Create an Assignment.

    2. Add instructions for students with regard to completing and submitting the Form. Policy and official procedure is explained in the Form itself, but students must download, fill out, save, and then upload the Form as a submission to the Assignment.

    3. Include the Form as a file attachment for students ( ).

    4. In the Submission and Completion sub-menu, set Files allowed per submission to One File, and Submissions to Only one submission allowed.

    5. Click Save and Close.

    Please contact CPI at edtech@brocku.ca with any questions or comments about the contents of this site.