Create a Project Site

Instructors have the ability to create their own project sites within Brightspace. Project Sites serve various purposes such as non-scheduled teaching, department or other group-based communication, sandbox and/or testing areas.


Project Site Creation

  1. Go to the Brightspace homepage by clicking the Brock logo in the top-left corner.

  2. Scroll down the page, there are two separate columns of widgets (tools in white boxes). Just below the Brock University Updates widget is the Create Project Site widget.

    Create Project Site widget
    Create Project Site Widget
  3. Input a title for the project site (this can be changed anytime at a later date), as well as a term. No Term is an option for Project sites that are not tied to a specific term.

  4. Select Create, at which time the site will be created with the creator assigned as the Instructor. The site can be found using the Course Selector (waffle icon) in the top-right of Brightspace, or the My Courses widget on the Brightspace homepage.

Additional instructors and participants can be added via the project site Classlist.

Please contact CPI at with any questions or comments about the contents of this site.