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Course Offering Information is where basic course information exists, such as course name, department, semester, start and end date, and more. Certain course information can be changed to reflect an instructor’s personal touch.


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Access Course Offering information

Course Offering Information can be found by going to Course Tools → Course Admin on the navbar. Within Course Administration you will see the Course Offering Information tool.

View of Course Admin link under Course Tools on navbarImage RemovedCourse Offering Information highlighted in Course Admin

Change the Course Banner Image

From here, instructors can upload and change the banner image that displays on their course homepage. Click the Browse button to select an image that is stored on your computer.

Course Image Browse button and Homepage Banner checkbox

Change the Course Name

Instructors can change the name of their course, which will affect the name of the course in the course selector, as well as on the course site itself.


Remember when changing the name of the course that students will likely search for the course by name or code.

Course Offering Name box
Course Offering name changed in top left of Brightspace course site

Course name changed in course selector

Activate the Site

While instructors have the ability to activate their course by clicking the Activate button on their homepage, they also have the option in the Course Offering Information.

Course activator checkbox

Set a Course Start and End Date

Instructors can choose when their course becomes inaccessible to their students. Instructors will retain access even if the End Date has passed. By default, the Start and End Dates are set automatically based on the duration the course is running plus 30 days past the final exam.


Once the End Date has passed, students lose access to the site. If you want students to retain access indefinitely, you can uncheck the box for Course has end date.

Course Start and End Date options